About Robin Harford

One day, I was walking through the gardens of my local council office when I spotted a shrub.

It had the most amazing flowers, so I went home and looked it up. It turned out to be Feijoa sellowiana (Pineapple guava).

When I tasted the magnificent melon and guava flavours of the Feijoa flowers, I was, at that moment, changed.

I had never tasted an edible flower like it, yet here was a superb specimen adorned with flowers flavoured by angels.

Why had I not paid attention before?

Every day, we walk past ornamental plants growing in our gardens in city parks or along urban streets.

Since the dawn of time, humans have used plants for food, medicine, shelter, clothing, tools, dyes, and many other practical purposes

They tickle our hearts with beauty and fill our souls with mystery and awe.

Over the past few years, I’ve been researching, writing about and exploring these quiet edible ornamentals of temperate climates.

This website and my Plantopedia newsletter are the result.

The plant profiles will be fleshed out over time as we delve deeper into the study of their practical uses and purposes.

The best way to stay current, is to subscribe to my free newsletter.

If you choose to come along, you and I will go on an extraordinary journey together.

We will be uncovering the majestic wonders of the ever-unfolding Green Path.

I hope to see you on the inside.

Talk soon,
Robin Harford

P.S. Since 2008 I have also been writing, publishing books and teaching about the wild edible plants of Britain and Ireland. See Eatweeds.