About Robin Harford

I write about wild plants and have been a self publisher since 1994.

I currently spend my time walking, peering into hedgerows, taking photographs and then writing about those experiences.

When time allows, I write about self-publishing self-help books.

Self-help is non-fiction.

Self-help is anything that teaches someone something.

Whether that’s how to crochet bunnies, how to develop productive habits, how to channel angels (sigh), right through to teaching people how to eat wild plants and everything in-between.

So I define self-help as how-to.

My latest book is Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland.

It has sold over 45,000 copies and and was an Amazon bestseller every single day for the first three years of its birth into the world.

And I’ll be talking about how I achieved sales like that, in my newsletter, The Minimalist Publisher.

The newsletter is a space where I can speak freely on my views about self-publishing.

As well as call out the tidal wave of bullshit I see in so many self-publishing courses and Facebook groups.

What I have to share with you comes from over thirty years experience as a self-published author.

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