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Currently I write and publish books and online courses on wild edible plants and wild medicine.

I’ve been selling direct since 1993 and moved my publishing business online, selling PDF ebooks in 2000. Back then I wrote under a pseudonym and in the personal security niche. Basically, James Bond tradecraft. Don’t ask!

Here’s a selection of some of the titles I have crafted and produced over the years.

🍏 1986: Biogenic Nutrition: A Diet of Living Foods (Revolutionising the way we eat)

🌢️ 1990: How to Choose the Right Seasonings for Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meats and Grains (Your ultimate kitchen companion)

πŸ•΅οΈ 1993: The International Underground Directory: The World’s Most Dangerous Book (Uncovering the truth behind the world’s hidden secrets)

πŸ” 1994: Privacy In The UK: How to Keep Your Life Private and Out of the Prying Eyes of Big Brother (Protecting your privacy like never before)

πŸ’° 1999: Secret Offshore Banking (Unlocking the world of financial freedom)

✈️ 2000: Travel Ghost: How to Travel the World Without Any ID (Discover the adventurer inside you)

πŸ“˜ 2004: Directory Profits: The Secret to Publishing Profitable Information Products (Mastering the art of profitable publishing)

πŸ“§ 2004: Golden Inbox: How to Turn Your Email List into an Autopilot Income Stream (Email marketing like a pro)

Here’s what I currently publish

🌿 Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland (Nature’s best-kept secrets, unveiled)

🌼 Forage In Spring (Revitalise your life with nature’s bounties)

🌳 Oak: A Foraging Guide (Discover the amazing world of oak trees)