What’s This All About?

This is a space to write my reviews of the numerous bits of kit and tools I use (or have used) during my 20+ years as a self-publisher.

If I like something and find it useful in my business. I’ll tell you.

If I think something is crap, and think you should leave it well alone. I’ll definitely tell you.

And one thing to bear in mind…

…I might make an affiliate commission off some of the links on this site.

But I WILL NEVER simply list something in order to earn a quick buck.

That’s not my style!

My day job is running a foraging school, and I have published over 50+ e-books, and a few online courses.

I published my first e-book seven years before Kindle was even thought of.

So either you’ll like my vibe and what I recommend here, or you don’t. This is more a resource for my mates than it is a side hustle.