A personal diary of how I grew my Patreon membership

It all started a few weeks ago.

After over 10 years of producing free content on wild food foraging, I felt let down by the community.

Barely anyone was prepared to exchange the huge value (from the feedback I was getting) of the content on my website into cash.

I needed to keep my website alive and kicking. Because as it had grown, the costs for maintaining it had grown too.

I also needed to pay the very real bills that we all have to. Rent (I don’t own a house), council tax, food, energy and all the other “stuff” we have to outlay just to clothe, feed and house ourselves.

So instead of going cap in hand to my audience begging for donations, I decided to trade something in exchange for their financial patronage, sponsorship and support.

I decided to see if there were any kind-hearted souls amongst my readership who would be prepared to sponsor my independent research work into the food and medicine uses of wild plants.

As well as fund the publication of my findings. All 250,000 words of it, at the time of writing this.

I decided on a name for the collection… Plantopedia.

So this site is my own personal journey showcasing what I did and do and how I am growing my Patreon membership.

I hope it helps you to start and grow your own Patreon business.

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Published: 22nd April 2019