Zelkova serrata, commonly known as the Japanese zelkova, is a deciduous tree renowned for its graceful shape and attractive bark.

It typically reaches heights of 15 to 20 metres, though it can grow taller in optimal conditions.

The leaves of this species are distinctly ovate and pointed, with a serrated margin, turning to vibrant shades of yellow, orange, or red in autumn.

The small, inconspicuous green flowers, blooming in spring, give way to small, non-showy fruits. The bark is another notable feature, peeling in patches to reveal orange inner bark, adding winter interest.

In the British Isles, Zelkova serrata is primarily grown as an ornamental tree in parks and large gardens, thriving in well-drained, moist soils.

It is hardy and adapts well to urban environments, making it a popular choice for streetscapes and public spaces.