Write Anywhere

I’m writing this using IA Writer on my iPhone.

I’m in a queue waiting to pick something up.

It seems strange writing in public. I’m training myself.

Now my writing space is wherever I find my feet.

That “special place” has gone. Been usurped.

Replaced with the pleasure of nomadic scribblings.

Unchained from bullshit rituals. My writing has been liberated.

I blame another writer for suggesting this trick.

I wrote him some fan mail the other day.

I DON’T do fan mail. Ever. I felt like a gurl screaming at a Beatles concert.

I told him that.

He even replied. Agreeing that paper notebooks are lovely. Just hyper inefficient.

I’m addicted. I had to give up my co-work desk because of the distracting noise.

Now I am able to write anywhere. Go figure.