working copy

in my quest to create a simple workflow for my projects, i find compartmentalising by tasks the most useful.

i use iawriter solely as my working copy.

the place where anything that arises during the day can be laid to rest.

to pause in slumber before i decide what to do with it and decide even if it is worth keeping.

because i write only using text files.

i find iawriter perfect for this.

a distraction free zone with one agenda.

to write.

if i research a subject, then i create a subcollection in zotero, an ‘easy-to-use reference management tool that serves as your personal research assistant and helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources’.

for articles i come across during the day, and want to read later, then readwise reader is perfect.

it strips out the clutter of ads and garish fonts and colours and allows me to read in a distraction free place.

i can also tag articles for retrieval at a later date, and any highlights i make turn into flashcards for memory retrieval.

for spreadsheets i use google docs.

it is cloud based and i only use it for accounting.

i find apple photos a nightmare.

it does not work for me.

i hate being trapped in corporate walled gardens, that enslave me for years and bill me for the pain they cause.

at the end of each day i export photos and videos to project specific folders in the cloud.

i backup the cloud and local files using carbon copy cloner to lacie rugged external hard drives.

more and more i am moving away from being dependent on the cloud.

only current projects are stored there for ease, syncing across devices and collaboration.

old projects are removed and put on an external hard drive.

two copies are made.

one stays in my house for quick retrieval of data.

the other is kept offsite and in a secure location.

if the cloud fails and my house burns down at the same time, then i still have my data.

i try and make my life as antifragile as possible.

and corporations and internet service providers have a historical record of failing their customers, locking them inside a corporate walled garden or hiking prices.

i refuse to be beholden to any corporation or government, regardless of how hard they try and make me be.