I sold my first self-published print book back in 1995, and my first e-book in 2000 – under a pseudonym. It was all cloak and daggers.

In 2008 I started my second publishing company which I still run today. I don’t use pseudonyms anymore.

Below is a timeline of what I have done. If you want to see archives of my old sites, just click on the ‘Proof’ links.

Important Notice

When I started self-publishing I was in my twenties. I was also a bit of a rabble-rouser and liked to goad the authorities. It shows in the subject matter on what I wrote and published in those early days. Try not to judge me or the content.

It’s the context that is important.

I was a young man back then, and some young men screw up. I did. Learn from my mistakes.

current : eatweeds
Here’s my latest site. – Proof

2008 : eatweeds
Started blogging about wild foods. – Proof

2005 to 2008 : A.W.O.L.
Burned out, I became ill and quit. As part of my recovery I disappeared and went to walk the highways and byways of the British Isles.

2005 : directory profits
Published an online video course teaching people how I had successfully published my Underground Directory e-book. – Proof

2005 : street fighting secrets
This one made me some decent coins, but the hassle of working with a borderline psychopathic readership meant I walked away from it. The grief wasn’t worth it. – Proof.

2003 : cashocean
Launched an affiliate reseller programme to help sell more of my e-books. At its peak, I had over 3000 affiliates selling my e-books. – Proof

2003 : double your way to a million
Published a creative thinking game for aspiring entrepreneurs. This was another PDF eBook. – Proof

2001 : changed focus
The 911 terrorist attacks destroyed my business overnight. The world became a dangerous place for writers/publishers like myself. I got out!

2001 : travel ghost report
I actually got warned off by an undercover spook and told not to ever publish anything like this again. Laughable really considering my ghostwriter provided close protection services for Russian businessmen after the Berlin wall came down. How I found this person, or rather how they found me could make an interesting thriller. – Proof.

2000 : secret offshore banking
Back then you could write and publish what you liked. Not anymore! – Proof

2000 : dangerousbooks
Converted my Underground Directory to a PDF e-book and took it internationally, thanks to the invention of the internet. Don’t judge me, I was young. – Proof

2000 : holisticworld
Launched an online alternative health search directory that got over 15,000 unique visitors a month. These days that’s called a side-hustle. I was buying Pay-Per-Click traffic on the now defunct GoTo (became Overture) search engine. – Proof

1995 : quit my day job and became a full-time author
Sold the printed edition of my Underground Directory from ‘off the page’ adverts and classified ads in the back of magazines like Viz, GQ, Loaded, FHM, Stuff etc.