Surviving contact with reality

There is a lot of talk about this tactic and that tactic in the world of marketing.

So much of what I see being sold sells from the premise of; sounds good, must be good.

Yet so often this just isn’t the case. When you try and apply a tactic you have paid money to learn, oftentimes it just flat out doesn’t give you the results the course hustler sold you on.

Why is this? Well, there’s a saying: “Surviving contact with reality.”

Meaning, for all the sounds good in theory hoopla, the proof is in the results. Most courses and gooroos can’t back up their claims in the real marketplace. Or as someone once said to me: Does it work in RBS (no not the bank).

RBS = Real Business Shit.

Selling a marketing course to people in the make money crowd is easy-peasy because the market is full of desperate people all looking for the latest magic-bullet. The next big thing. The secret to X, Y, Z. The easy way to profits.

Hint: There isn’t one. It takes hard work. Lots of hard work!

So next time someone tries to sell you a marketing course for authors. Just straight up ask them for proof. Actual proof, like a live screen recording of their actual business. A real look under-the-hood.

And more importantly, it needs to be current. Not a recording from a one-time success they had five years ago.