Sample Facebook landing pages if you sell on Amazon

Recently I have been testing numerous different styles of landing pages when I run Facebook ad campaigns sending traffic to Amazon.

Landing pages are also referred to as squeeze pages, bridge pages etc. Although technically a squeeze page asks for an email address before sending the traffic elsewhere.

As you can tell from my site. I like things minimal. No distractions. Just tell folks what I am offering and either they want it or they don’t. No hype or hoopla.

If you sell on Amazon and buy advertising on Facebook, it can be difficult to track the sales because you cannot install your Facebook pixel directly on Amazon. Obviously.

And more importantly, if you send traffic direct to Amazon you have no idea which ad campaign is working.

Even using Amazon affiliate tracking links (which is a grey area and not something I recommend) in your adverts still causes problems.

So there are a number of ways to tackle this problem.

Below are links to some sample landing pages I currently am or have tested. BTW, Facebook isn’t the only place I advertise, just in case you are thinking of spying on my campaigns. 😉

Important: There are no ‘secrets’. You have to test everything in your business. My business is not your business and results will vary.

I create very basic landing pages. Nothing fancy but they convert extremely well. Read this as to why.