as a multimedia artist, i’ve been selling direct since 1993.

i moved my publishing business online, selling PDF ebooks in 2000.

back then i wrote under a pseudonym and in the personal security niche.

basically, james bond tradecraft. don’t ask!

here’s a selection of some of the titles i self-published over the years.

  • 1986: biogenic nutrition: a diet of living foods
  • 1990: how to choose the right seasonings for fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and grains
  • 1993: the international underground directory: the world’s most dangerous book
  • 1994: privacy in the uk: how to keep your life private and out of the prying eyes of big brother
  • 1999: secret offshore banking
  • 2000: travel ghost: how to travel the world without any id
  • 2004: directory profits: the secret to publishing profitable information products
  • 2004: golden inbox: how to turn your email list into an autopilot income stream