I don’t mince my words

Most people on Facebook are time wasters. In it for a free ride. They want everything for free.

They are a waste of space in a business sense. Time and attention hoggers who will cripple your business and wellbeing if you allow them to.

So I have brutal boundaries in place.

I’m not interested in pleasing the planet. Only pleasing those who have honoured me by trusting me with their email address.

And I don’t take that lightly.

It’s the start of a journey. The start of a dance between us.

I don’t assume that anyone should trust me. I have a maxim:

“Trust is earned, it isn’t a given”.

Too many people are so up themselves that they believe by having a business, they automatically have a god given right to succeed.

The ecosystem doesn’t work like that. It’s a lot tougher in the jungle. Whether its a green one or a concrete one.

So the first bit of Facebook you are going to have to get, is to find an audience that engages with your content.

And that starts with giving generously. Sharing a little bit of what you know in the highest quality way.