for years i have lived a simple, minimal life.

reduced the clutter i possess.

for me there is more to living a simple life than just physical ‘stuff’.

there is also our internal ‘baggage’.

and let’s not forget the digital ‘detritus’ you and i both have sitting on hard drives, in the cloud and on mobile devices.

how about colour?

the minimalist movement seems at first glance to only offer black, grey and white.

and lots of straight lines!

like on a bleak winter’s day.

i don’t only want monochrome in my life.

which is why occasionally i will throw in a tone or hue.

something to surprise you. wake you up.

this website is a journey into attention and presence.

an attempt at making my life more peaceful and serene.

does it work?

it is still an ongoing experiment. i will let you know.

at the moment yes it does.

one of the most important aspects of this lifestyle choice…

…starts with decluttering your interior world.

especially belief systems and world views.

constructs that cause more war than peace.

are you able to allow another to simply ‘Be’?

are you willing to leave them alone?

it is a hard thing to do when every media ‘echo chamber’ demands we have an opinion.

can you live with no opinions, beliefs, ideology?

what would your world and experience be like?

i have a lot more questions than answers.