Robin Harford

Hi, I’m Robin Harford, author and seriously flawed contemplative.

For thirty years I have written and self-published books. Here is my track record.

This is a space for me to write in public. Flesh out book ideas and start putting them out into the world.

Like my life, everything here is a work in progress.

I’m currently writing random pieces on marketing, self-publishing, and food sovereignty.

In Case You’re Bored

My professional title

Author, photographer and filmmaker.

A one-liner about what I do, at a fundamental level

I create art from what inspires me while wandering around this beautiful planet.

Why I do what I do

I create because I have a burning desire to share with the world what lights me up and makes me feel ecstatic and blissed about life. I want that bliss to rub off.

Recent thought, epiphany, or profound concept I have had

Forget being polite. Just be yourself. It positions you away from the crowd and makes you shine a unique light into the world. There is only one, you. Express it.

The book that changed my life the most

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne

Published Books