Nuking the To-Dos: Reclaiming Our Lives from the Phantom of Productivity

Often, when my mind wanders towards the labyrinthine wildness of unattended duties, a peculiar adage by American Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson springs into the forefront, “Finish each day and be done with it.” It’s a gentle scolding reminder that dwells on the brink of productivity and peace, a delicate see-saw that each of us, in … Read more

Attention Under Siege: The Quest for Silence in Public Spaces

During an idle stroll through the city, a digital billboard seized my attention, its flickering presence a bold interruption to my otherwise tranquil urban walk. This intrusion served as a stark reminder of the commodification of our attention, a resource as finite and valuable as a whispered secret. Public parks, urban sanctuaries amidst the concrete … Read more

Charting the Mind: The Art and Rebellion of Personal Knowledge Management

The art of personal knowledge management (PKM) has evolved into a survival skill in the splendid cacophony of the digital age. Amidst the ceaseless current of information swirling around our consciousness, PKM is no longer just a professional advantage—it’s a necessity for navigating our lives. It’s modern-day cartography, the mapping of the vast, uncharted territories … Read more

Hyper Minimal PKM Workflows: A Neurodivergent Necessity

In the chaos of our data-saturated world, the neurodivergent mind often resembles an abstract Pollock painting—vivid, intricate, but inherently non-linear. As a result, traditional information management and learning methods often fall short, necessitating personalised, flexible systems that respect and leverage this unique cognitive architecture. This is where hyper-minimal Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) workflows, leveraging tools … Read more

The Identity Trap: Our Echo Chamber of Self and Other

In our relentless pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement, we often overlook one significant pitfall: the Identity Trap. It’s a two-pronged snare, subtly yet unswervingly steering our thoughts and actions. On the one hand, it convinces us that we should be someone other than ourselves; on the other, it assumes that others should mirror our … Read more

Are Podcasting Hosts Losing Touch with Their Audience?

In an increasingly digital world, the advent of podcasting was welcomed as a refreshing gust of audio breeze. The format, allowing for the exploration of a vast array of topics in depth, seemed an antidote to the fast and fleeting quality of social media feeds. Yet, as the podcast landscape matures, a disturbing trend has … Read more

Have Nutrient Levels in UK Soil Reduced Over the Years?

In recent years, there has been growing concern over the declining levels of nutrients in UK soil. Research has shown that intensive farming practices and soil erosion are among the factors contributing to this issue [1][4]. The UK government has been monitoring soil nutrient balances to track the changes in nutrient levels over time. According … Read more

The myth of nature connection

For over fifteen years I have taught thousands of people nature connection through the simple, graceful act of foraging for wild food plants. And there is a myth doing the rounds that I want to challenge today. FACT: Humans are animals. Biologically we are already connected to nature. Whether we live in the countryside or … Read more

Why I left minimalism behind

I knew something was afoot. I was searching for a domain name for a new online class I am preparing. It is about streamlining your publishing business and putting it on autopilot. I wanted to share what I have learned from over twenty years as a digital publisher. But something didn’t feel right. I knew … Read more

Stuff the monarchy

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and allies, we gather here today not to celebrate the pomp and circumstance of a medieval pageant, but to stand together, united in opposition to the coronation of King Charles III. We are not here to pay homage to a hollow symbol of an outdated system. We are here to ignite … Read more