Writing every day is incredibly challenging, especially when developing consistency. Here I am, tapping away into the Enso writing app, which feels revolutionary due to its simplicity. I follow Derek Sivers‘ advice of writing one sentence per line. I keep the screen dimmed to see only the line I’m writing, removing even the few lines that Enso still shows. I find even those distracting. I don’t bother with capitalisation, enjoying the freedom of just writing and getting words down.

I’m inspired by how simply Derek writes and wonder how this applies to my new project, “Ungovernable.” I also like working with the garage door open and sharing rough cuts with the world. I easily get distracted, flitting around like a butterfly, my curious mind eager to absorb and understand the world fully.

Polyamory seems to be trending in Silicon Valley, where people, disconnected from themselves due to their deep immersion in tech and abstract ideas, are taking psychedelics and exploring intimacy through polyamory. It’s laughable, as if this is something new. Remember the hippy’s? Lots of acid and free love—nothing new.

With the Silicon Valley crowd, they think it is. I wonder where this will all lead. The illusion of these “slave drugs” like acid is that you’re entering new worlds, but instead, you’re still on a hamster wheel—no liberation, just enslavement. But hell, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll were seriously fun for a while!

As I look out my living room window, sitting on the floor again, my body feels old and stiff. I’m trying slowly to loosen up and lose some weight with no extremes, no pain, just pure pleasure. I’m seeking a sober hedonist’s approach to exercise, one that honours my quirks and foibles. I don’t follow the crowd but listen to them, taking bits and pieces relevant to my self-care. If there’s too much pain, I stop and won’t commit.

Yesterday, while listening to Frederick Forsyth’s autobiography, “Outsider,” he mentioned that sport was often used as punishment at his boarding school. I could relate, as that was my experience, too, equating sport with suffering and pain. Apart from masochists, who willingly seek out pain and hardship? Only those who do not love themselves. The culture hates itself, judging by the amount of abuse people subject themselves to. Citizens are deemed unworthy, but the capitalist con artists will sell abuse dressed up as well-being and fitness.

To that, I say, fuck it!