In an age where freedom is under constant siege, a new breed of individuals has emerged – the liberationists. These brave souls have taken it upon themselves to redefine what it means to be truly free.

For a liberationist, freedom is not a gift bestowed by others but a fundamental right that must be fiercely guarded and self-defined.

In our world, those who seek to control us slowly erode the beauty of freedom. From the corridors of power to the streets we walk, the master controllers of both the left and the right have drained the lifeblood from our most cherished ideal.

They employ childish bullyboy tactics, reminiscent of the political playground, to enforce their twisted vision of freedom upon us all.

These statist thugs, drunk on their sense of righteousness, have taken it upon themselves to re-educate the entire world in their own corrupt, toxic, and dysfunctional image.

They wield force as a weapon, using it to protect their bastardised definition of freedom. But their actions can only lead to one outcome – the enslavement of the people by the people.

True freedom, the kind that liberationists strive for, is the ultimate form of liberty – total freedom from restraint by another human being. It is a concept that transcends the phantom of society, an absolute that has been preached for millennia but never truly realised.

The reality is that only individuals work in mutual aid to serve their interests. Anything else is a lie, a collectivist con trick designed to garner and hold power over the masses.

The notion of “for the good of society” is nothing more than a yoke placed upon the heads of the free. It is a Damocles sword hanging precariously above us, ready to destroy our lives at a moment’s notice. Those who truly value their freedom must reject it outright.

As liberationists, we must disrupt these pernicious ideas and challenge them at every turn. We must be the ones to stand up to the idiots who demand accountability out of some false and fake sense of duty.

We must reject the notion that we owe anything to the state, which sends our young women and men to war and shatters their bodies and minds with ideological nonsense spoon-fed to them since birth.

The path of the liberationist is not easy, but it is necessary. We are the future agents of change who will show the world a new way to be and live.

Our goal is to create a world entirely unshackled from the falsehood of an isolated humanity, one where individuals are free to pursue their self-interest without interference.

In this world, we recognise our role as individuals within a non-human world. We understand that our actions have consequences, not just for ourselves but for the world around us. But we also understand that our primary responsibility is to ourselves.

As the saying goes, “I breathe to live; I do not breathe to let you live.” This sentiment encapsulates the very essence of the liberationist philosophy.

So, to those who would seek to define freedom for us and those who would try to impose their will upon us, we say, “Back off.” Your narrow-minded definitions of freedom will not constrain us.

We will not be held accountable to your false sense of duty. We will not sacrifice our lives and our liberties for the sake of some abstract greater good.

Instead, we will chart our own course, define freedom on our own terms, and live our lives as we see fit, pursuing our own interests and desires without apology. We will do so with the full knowledge that we are the masters of our own destiny.

So, to all those who would join us in this liberationist quest, we say this: “Start fucking breathing!”

Embrace your freedom, your individuality, and your self-interest. Reject the chains of societal expectation and the shackles of duty. Live your life on your terms, and never apologise for doing so.

In the end, that is what it means to be a liberationist – to be truly free.