Here’s a crazy thought. What if most of the mental health problems people have, isn’t because they are inherently broken.

What if it was because you and I live in a perpetual abusive relationship with a beast.

A beast known as patriarchy.

A beast known as nation-state.

A beast known as government.

Servitude all the way baby.

And what if this beast had never had your best interests at heart.

Instead, it brutalises you every day while telling you it really does love you, care for you, insert whatever virtue this corruption hoodwinks you with.

What if in reality it continuously beats the crap out of you every day.

Subtle beatings that have happened so many times that you have normalised them. But beatings they still be.

And what if this beast has beaten you so often that you become thankful and make excuses for its behaviour.

Even being grateful whenever it throws you a measly scrap of bread?

Just like any slave, over time you end up loving your torturer. Justifying why they do what they do to you. The person violating you.

What would you say to someone who found themselves in such a situation?

Such a relationship?

And what would happen if you rose up, turned on this beast and burnt its mother-fucking house to the ground?

How would you feel?