I have returned from five days in the woods.

Quiet, slow time with my grandchildren.

The community was kind and calm.

No anger or upset.

It could have been called ‘auts in the woods’.

A tribe of outliers, fringe-dwellers and edge-livers.

All curious and eccentric with our different nuances of behaviour.

The world doesn’t get us, yet we create this world that the neurotypicals enjoy so much.

It is time for the culture to recognise who we are.

For we are an army of possibility thinkers, creators, artists, inventors and bright minds.

We see the world differently.

Experience it differently.

Dre different in our divergence.

No longer ashamed of who we are.

No longer feeling like we are wrong.

We are the wild ones.

The crazy auts who stim, shout and laugh.

We are making this world anew.

A neurodivergent rebellion.