My inbox and social media feeds often explode with outrage at what I write about.

Who would have thought that talking about Dandelion would send some people into a dizzy frenzy.

Spluttering idiots choking on their own terror.

‘Stay in the cities’, they warn.

‘Shop in the supermarkets and leave nature alone’, they scream.

And if conformity is not snapped to in an instant, then the attacks and abuse get turned up a notch.

Idiots with not one jot of intelligence seem to trot out newspaper hysteria, like the social media controlled dopamine drug addicts they are.

Often these timid, frightened people are too scared of their own shadow, yet feel it their moral duty to reprimand those of us who forage.

Snivelling cowards that need their teeth kicked in.

It’s been one of those weeks.

Christian scripture gets force fed into my digital private space.

Conspiracy theorists abound wanting to educate me.

And if I tell them (politely) that I am not interested, they become digitally violent.

Cowards who would never in a million years, if we met face to face, eyeball to eyeball, ever have the courage to talk to me in the way they feel entitled to online.

It’s a Dandelion leaf. Get over it.

Which is why I am leaving the public space.

Disappearing with a few of you who want to come along for the ride.

I have lots of plans for next year.

Regular videos and audios and more.

And it sure as hell isn’t going to be free.

There’s a ton of free stuff on eatweeds.co.uk. Most never bother to look. Demand to be spoon fed like the adult infants they are.

Yet, some of you are strong. Know how to tough it out when the shit hits the fan.

Have the brains to look a wildflower up in a plant identification guide, and don’t scream out to be dependent.

You’re self directed.

Sovereign people who are Pope of your own Church.

No permission required from anybody.

The world’s changed in the last two years.

And not for the better. Which is why I have changed.

I’m done handing out the free stuff.

Now bills need to be paid just like the next person.

And they don’t get paid by having freeloaders tagging along.

Fools with no understanding of reality.

Free aient free, the person giving pays the price.

The taker unable to figure this simple life truth out, carries on like an opiate junkie craving fix after fix after fix.

And it’s killing the culture.

Killing our communities.

Too much entitled navel gazing and not enough actual action.

You don’t engage with the wild through a screen.

You’ve gotta get your hands dirty.

Gotta struggle to learn how to see.

Gotta get the fuck outside.

Go do it.