I use Apple Notes to capture thoughts and ideas.

After nearly three years of deep diving into the personal knowledge management (PKM) wormhole, I return to the simple.

Apple Notes.

I don’t use it to write. Instead, I use it to capture ideas and research notes.

Often, I enter reverie.

My frustration has always been that my muse likes to tease me by giving me gifts at the most inconvenient time.

Getting on a train, walking when I cannot jot her mutterings down, coming out of sleep time, etc.

I organise my notes not by folders, which is far too limiting; instead, I use tags.

Notes are polyamorous. They usually like sleeping with more than one partner (folders).

With tags, you can place a note in multiple places. I tag by context.

In the cloud, I have thousands of one-line notes. Ideas and thoughts from experience usually conspire to become a single unit, either a book, essay, post, etc.

I am reading a bio of Jim Morrison, the beautiful, sexy and iconic Doors frontman.

His estate has published a book of his poetry, journals, and lyrics.

The self-identified lizard king was a copious note-taker. Often, his one-liners would become poems that became lyrics, that became songs.

Every artist worth their salt has a process, a way to externalise the muse’s inspiration.

If kept inside and not allowed the freedom she desperately desires, my muse can become a Valkyrie. Deranged and violent.

Laying waste to my mental health. I have no choice but to create. Something. Anything. Even if it is never publicly released.

Every artist needs a practice, an enquiry, a way to develop their creative work.

In my interior, this is a deeply unconscious and emergent process.

It can be years before the ramblings and incoherence start to form into something solid.

‘And we shall make the unseen seen.’