I love writing, whether in a digital tool or on paper.

Whenever I write digitally, I always use the iA Writer app.

It’s clean, hyper minimalist and distraction-free.

If I write using paper, which is my preferred method of writing, I write on a Rhodia A5 wire-bound pad with graph paper—the classic flip-style notebooks.

They open overleaf instead of like a book.

That’s important for me.

I’m not too fond of the feel of wire spines on the underside of my hand.

That experience causes my words to falter.

Instead of entering the Dreamtime, I focus on the discomfort such spines cause me.

Every method has its place.

I like the low tech of paper and pen.

It is a counterpoint to my hyper-digital business life.

Paper wins in my world in the struggle for supremacy of paper versus battery life.

If I write in ink, I use a uniPIN 0.3 line drawing pen.

For pencil, any old HB will suffice.

There is something profoundly modest and humble about a pencil.

They are cheap, and you can find scraps of paper anywhere.

A pencil is an equitable tool in a human’s quest for liberty.

The Masters cannot censor the pencil.

Yet they can flip a switch and silence your digital voice.

A pencil is a concealed carry weapon of the people.

Words can change lives.

Words can change the world.

Words can inspire beauty, express love, elicit peace and stillness and topple tyrants.

Never underestimate the humble pencil and discarded scraps of paper.