My 2024 traveling tech stack weighs an incredible 624 grams, minus protective cases.

When I fly, I only take carry-on, which has never been over 7 kg, regardless of how long I stay away.

I leave for India in four days.

It’s the first time I have not taken my iPad.

Usually, I need it for running my business, yet this year, tech has come a long way.

I’ve been training myself to do everything from my iPhone.

The only problem is setting up new Meta ads. That still requires a laptop if I need granular control.

I’ve set up my lead generation ad for the period I am away. Five weeks.

Only when I publish a new print book, use KDP and the odd app, like the one I use for creating modals and embedded forms.

Then, I need to shackle myself to a laptop.

My quest for a genuinely portable publishing business started in the late 1990s.

Back then, a handful of us were part of the perpetual traveller movement (PT).

PT was an unruly rabble of folks who saw the internet and felt the potential freedom it might give us.

Digital nomadism is the sad, shallow reflection of the original PT. The movement was strangled by post-911 political agendas.

After 911 the world changed and PT died.