A Minimal Business

It’s one of those days. I’ve stripped everything away.

Removed all posts from Instagram. And as many from Facebook.

Made my business minimal and simple.

No easy feat in a world of flickering and stuff.

Going back to beginners mind is hard.

So easy to overcomplicate things.

My mind continually creates clutter. Outside and inside.

On my website, I want my user to find some peace in the noise.

To pause for a moment and experience something beautiful and calm, even if it is on their lightbox.

I’m breaking all the old rules of marketing.

No pop-ups compelling people to join my mailing list with some crap lead magnet.

No last-minute dash to buy before the count down timer expires.

Just rock-solid, stellar content. Fully referenced, so they know I’m not just making stuff up.

Those that get on my list are there because they appreciate and see the value I provide.

Maybe I’m killing my business. Time will tell I suppose.

I’m just not prepared to push people anymore.

Instead, I pull them. Either they get where I am coming from or they don’t.

Most don’t.

And that’s OK.